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Steam Cleaning Carpet

One of the most common types of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. This carpet cleaning process has been around for years and used to give the overall best carpet cleaning results. Due to newer technology and research, alternate cleaning methods have been created. With the extensive research done to conduct a better type of carpet cleaning, the negative aspects of steam cleaning have also become apparent. I am here to inform you about the negative and aspects of steam cleaning and recommend an alternative carpet cleaning method for your home. 

Too Much Water

Have you ever noticed, after you get your carpets steam cleaned they remain wet for at least a day or two? This is because of the large amount of water that steam cleaners use. When a steam cleaner comes into your home, they are shooting large amounts of water into your carpets which pushes the dirt deeper into the fibers. The stain on the surface looks as though it has disappeared only to resurface once the carpeting has completely dried. 

Due to the large amounts of water steam cleaners use, your carpets also become breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Over saturated carpets are a wonderful place for mold to start growing. This is very unsafe because breathing in large amounts of mold can lead to illness or sickness, especially within young children and pets. Ensuring your carpets are cleaned correctly and are not over saturated with water will prevent this from occurring. 

Something many individuals have complained about with steam cleaning, is that their carpets tend to look dirtier after steam cleaning. This is extremely common because wet carpets attract more dirt. The longer your carpets are saturated, the more they will attract dirt and then appear dirty even after the cleaning. Fans may help dry your carpets faster but overall, they will still be wet for much longer than necessary. 

Chemical Filled Cleaning Solutions

Have you ever been quoted for carpet cleaning only to be charged a much larger amount at the end of the cleaning? This is very common with steam cleaning companies because not only do they charge taxes but they also charge disposal fees. Disposal fees are only required if the company you are using does not use 100% green certified cleaning products. This means that the cleaning solution used has toxins and chemicals within it and cannot be disposed of naturally. 

Chemicals and toxins are extremely dangerous to breathe in and can easily cause illness and sickness. This is especially dangerous for children, pets or individuals with health issues or weaker immune systems. Due to the dangers of chemicals and toxins, they cannot be disposed of in a regular sewage drain. If disposed of in a regular sewage drain, it can contaminate water within homes including drinking water. The dirty water and solution needs to be taken to a disposal plant so it is disposed of safely which is why you are charged with a disposal fee at the end of your cleaning. 

Not A Quality Clean

As I mentioned before, steam cleaning is essentially just pushing dirt deeper into your carpets. This causes the carpets to look dirty after and can also cause permanent damage to your carpet as well. Dirt begins to wear down carpet fibers  and can cause irreversible traffic damage or cause tears and holes within the carpet over time. Overall, you will be looking to replace your carpet well before it needs to be if it is cleaned well and safely. Steam cleaning companies will also recommend calling them back out every 3 months to get your carpets re-cleaned. In the long run you will end up spending a large amount on carpet cleaning alone throughout the year. 

A Quality Carpet Cleaning Method

As I mentioned earlier, I am going to be sharing a better type of carpet cleaning with you. Chem-Dry is a professional carpet cleaning company that uses a safe and quality carpet cleaning method. This process is referred to as the deep hot water carbonated extraction cleaning process. To give you a comparison of how this differs from steam cleaning, I will be expanding on the details of what this process entails as well as the many benefits it provides. 

Less Water Than Steam Cleaning

When the Chem-Dry cleaning process was in the works of being created, water was a large one taken into account. Chem-Dry uses 70-80% less water than steam cleaners which helps your carpets stay clean as well as dry in just 1-2 hours. This can be sped up as well by opening a window or turning on a fan within the room. Due to using less water, there is zero opportunity for mold or mildew to form within the carpet, leaving it healthier and safer for you, your family and your pets. 

The Chem-Dry cleaning process also ends with an extraction method which removes excess water from your carpet. This is done to remove both dirt and grime as well as excess water. Your carpets will be slightly damp at the end of the cleaning rather than completely saturated in water. This slight dampness will be completely dry within 1-2 hours so you can go back to your normal daily routine without worry about wet carpets and dirty feet. 

Green Certified Cleaning Solution

Chem-Dry uses 100% green certified cleaning solutions for all of your homes cleaning. All of the products are free of toxins and chemicals and are safe for children, pets and those with weaker immune systems or health issues. The cleaning solution is safe enough to drink and yes, technicians have all tried it at one point. This special cleaning solution also has many other benefits. When used, 98% of all allergens are removed from your carpet as well as 89% of all airborne allergens within the home. This improves air quality and reduces allergy symptoms for those in your household. 

Another great benefit of using green certified cleaning products is that it can be disposed of naturally. You will not be charged any hidden disposal fees when using Chem-Dry because the products are safe enough to dispose of in regular sewage drains. You will also not be charged with hidden taxes either because Chem-Dry does not charge any. When you are given a quote, you pay exactly that unless you choose to add on something else. 

The Quality Shows

Dirt, debris and allergens are completely removed from your carpet rather than pushed to the bottom. A quality cleaning means that the dirt needs to be completely removed which is what Chem-Dry does. You will have no chance of resurfacing spots or traffic areas because it will not be present within the carpet at all at the end of the cleaning. Chem-Dry also removes 99.9% of all stains and spots from your carpet which means your carpet will look brand new. 

Once your home is cleaned the correct way, it should actually last. Chem-Dry recommends you get your carpets cleaned every. 6 months to a year rather than every 3 months like steam cleaners recommend. Depending on how much traffic your home sees will determine how often you should get it cleaned, it is all up to you though and the cleaning should last a year at least. Paying one time a year for a professional cleaning is much better than having to do it every 3 months. Not only will you be saving a ton of money in the long run, but you will not have to schedule around a cleaning either. 

Which Do You Choose? 

After hearing the differences between steam cleaning and Chem-Dry carpet cleaning, I am sure you have decided on what sounds better. This information I have compiled is to help you make the overall choice between the two that better suits your needs and desires for your home. We all want quality cleaning when we hire on a professional cleaner and this is to help you make the better choice. If you have any questions regarding quotes as well as cleaning methods, you can contact Chem-Dry with the information listed below. Chem-Dry also provides upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, area rug cleaning and tile cleaning which you can speak to a representative about. Get a cleaning that not only lasts but saves you a ton of money in the long run. 


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