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Best Stainmaster Carpet Cleaning Products

It had been my life plan to move to Arizona one day to be close to my Phoenix family after spending far too many years fighting North American winters. All the stars were aligned: I retired from a major East coast company where I had had a very successful career.  I spent the next two months sorting my accumulated possessions, donating those things I no longer needed to those less fortunate, certainly all the warm clothes, boots, and winter coats I needed there but not in Phoenix, and packing what was left.

Following my dream, I made a trip to Phoenix early in the year to do an apartment search, and after viewing a half dozen places, I finally found the perfect apartment where my canine best friend Bailee and I would be very happy.
We stayed with my son for a few weeks until all my worldly possessions made the trip across the country. When my apartment was ready for move in and all my things arrived, we moved in to our very comfortable place. The very next day, while relaxing on my bran…