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Steam Cleaning Carpet

One of the most common types of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. This carpet cleaning process has been around for years and used to give the overall best carpet cleaning results. Due to newer technology and research, alternate cleaning methods have been created. With the extensive research done to conduct a better type of carpet cleaning, the negative aspects of steam cleaning have also become apparent. I am here to inform you about the negative and aspects of steam cleaning and recommend an alternative carpet cleaning method for your home.  Too Much Water

Have you ever noticed, after you get your carpets steam cleaned they remain wet for at least a day or two? This is because of the large amount of water that steam cleaners use. When a steam cleaner comes into your home, they are shooting large amounts of water into your carpets which pushes the dirt deeper into the fibers. The stain on the surface looks as though it has disappeared only to resurface once the carpeting has completely…