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Best Leather Cleaning in Phoenix

While most leather owners don’t give leather cleaning a second thought, leather should be cleaned about every 6 months. The first step in finding the right leather cleaning company is to determine what kind of leather you have. There are 3 classifications of leather that Chem Dry has the ability, equipment, and product to clean. They are aniline (with wax and oil pull up sub categories), pigmented, and nubuck. Each type of leather has different general cleaning products, protectant products, sealants, rejuvenators, and stain cleaners. A certified technician will provide the professional cleaning and maintenance it takes to ensure the best cleaning possible. TYPES OF LEATHER Aniline (Type A) Aniline  leather is created by the tannery when they dye the fabric through and through, then they add fat liquors for softness, and then mill it for further softness. Because  aniline  has no finish on the surface it is easily identified by the way it scratches easily. This leather is als
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Best Carpet Cleaning Wand (Evolution vs. Devastator vs TMF Wand)

Wands are used for pretty much every carpet cleaning. Since 1947 when hot water extraction became a thing, wands have been made and updated and modified. Over the years, companies have tried to perfect the wand system to give technicians the best design and better quality, The better design and quality of the wand the better quality of the clean. While some use wands for their entire cleaning process, others only use it for smaller areas and corners and crevices. The top leading brands and versions include: Hydramaster Evolution wand, Devastator swivel wand, and TMF (truck mounted forum) modified wand. Each synopsis will go over: Weight-  Which mainly relates to the technicians fatigue levels and ease of the cleaning. Material-  The material a wand is made up of will effect the weight and durability of the wand. Presence of a glide-  A glide makes the wand slide easily across the carpet. Swivel-  Wands with swivels give the technicians the ability to clean under furniture

Microfiber Sofa Cleaning

A microfiber sofa is highly recommended mostly because it is the best for comfort. It is considered to be an ultra soft polyester fabric. Although, it may also resemble suede, velvet, or cotton.  Microfiber is actually one of the best materials that can be used for covering upholstery. They material is very durable and is best suited for homes with pets and children. The fabric cleans very well and also holds its color even after multiple cleanings. It in fact looks practically brand new after each cleaning.  Microfiber is actually 1000 times finer than human hair. Because of this, it can be tightly woven. Since microfiber has such a high tensity it is considered to be water and stain resistant for the most part. The tighter weaves makes a microfiber couch practically hypoallergenic. It keeps out more dust and allergens than any other type of fabric that can be used for couches. The tightness of the microfiber also has the ability to keep out spills for a longer period o

Carpet Cleaning Near Me

Sunrise Chem-Dry services all of Phoenix, Glendale, and Peoria. Sunrise Chem Dry is the best cleaning you can find near you. We are members of the Glendale Chamber of Commerces . When trying to find the best company to clean your home there are many considerations to keep in mind. You’ll want to ask many questions when booking to always get the best cleaning the first time and not worry about wasting money on a half finished job.With Sunrise Chem Dry you will get the best possible clean, with a drier, cleaner, healthier home in the long run. Our company has learned to perfect the carpet cleaning process. We also give you the best cleaning for your money with many things included in each cleaning. We stand by our fast dry times, our green certified solution, our equipment, our solutions, and everything else we include with each cleaning. FAST DRY TIMES The faster the dry time the less likely your carpet is to grow mold and bacteria. While steam cleaners dry times are anywhere

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips In Phoenix

This service provides a one-stop solution for all residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs in Phoenix. With years of experience and a passionate team, this is a company with the best intentions in mind to help clients with all of their carpet cleaning requirements.   Whether it's a stain or a collection of dust, this is the number one option in all of Arizona .  Our Services * Detailed Inspections * Stain Removals * Rug and Carpet Cleaning Services * Deep Steam Cleaning * And More! Years of Expertise It all begins with experience and knowing the professional coming in will do a good job. The company makes sure to train its specialists and use all of its expertise to deliver world-class results. The days of sticking to an inferior carpet cleaning service should be well in the past! This is a company with the ability to tap into its wealth of knowledge and put together a solution that's perfect from top to bottom. Whether it's a small ru

Best Stainmaster Carpet Cleaning Products

I t had been my life plan to move to Arizona one day to be close to my Phoenix family after spending far too many years fighting North American winters. All the stars were aligned: I retired from a major East coast company where I had had a very successful career.  I spent the next two months sorting my accumulated possessions, donating those things I no longer needed to those less fortunate, certainly all the warm clothes, boots, and winter coats I needed there but not in Phoenix, and packing what was left. Following my dream, I made a trip to Phoenix early in the year to do an apartment search, and after viewing a half dozen places, I finally found the perfect apartment where my canine best friend Bailee and I would be very happy. We stayed with my son for a few weeks until all my worldly possessions made the trip across the country. When my apartment was ready for move in and all my things arrived, we moved in to our very comfortable place. The very next day, while re